Medford Pediatric Dentist 3 Tips for the Tooth Fairy.

There comes a time in every child’s life when they lose their baby teeth, whether through natural causes, or through the accidents, poor hygiene, and fights, that many children go through in their lives. Here are some fun ideas to help keep the tooth fairy fun for kids, while encouraging healthy habits. While this isn’t a permanent solution, and your children will eventually grow out of it, it can be both fun and rewarding in the short term.

Girls tend to lose their baby teeth before boys.

1. Write your kids letters. Obviously addressed to them from the tooth fairy, congratulating them on being so good at keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Possibly couple this with some gifts from the fairy that include a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and possibly candy or some other treat (money works too) Something that promotes good hygiene while simultaneously rewarding the child for good behavior. Additionally, if you think that your child’s habits are sub par, feel free to have the fairy offer tips. Another fun idea is to simply have a chart, of all the things that your child can do to have healthier teeth, possibly with a “greater reward” next time, as the tooth fairy will pay more for premium teeth!

2. Dress up as the tooth-fairy. This one is really fun for those guys with a sense of humor. This can be a great way to keep your child interested, much like dressing up as Santa, or any other fairy tale character, it can be a fun way to keep the fantasy going. And while seeing a large man in a fairy suit can also be a way to scar your children for life, (It might work better if mom does it) It can also be quite fun. Only you as a parent really know if your child would go for it at all.

3. If your kid is the nocturnal kind, try having them leave their tooth somewhere easily accessible to you as a parent, whether the living-room, kitchen, etc. You can even make a little tray or tooth-pillow for the tooth fairy to use to replace the tooth with money or some other prize.

While eventually your children will grow out of the legend of the tooth fairy, they will hopefully take with them several important principles from the experience, such as caring for their teeth, and practicing good hygiene. The tooth fairy can be the first teacher for these children, who will hopefully take the lessons to heart, ensuring a future with many bright smiles.

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