Dr. Dixon  and the team at Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry offer an array of services that will give you and your children the options and tools that they need to have a healthy smile.

  • Dental Cleanings
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Baby Exams
  • Digital X-rays
  • Dental Sealants
  • Space Maintainers
  • Restorative Care including Crowns, Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Minimal Sedation with Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Sedation
  • General Anesthesia when necessary
  • Emergencies and Trauma care
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First Visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit a dentist within 6 months of the appearance of the first baby tooth which can be anywhere from 12-18 months old.

Even though your baby may be young, bringing them in at a very early age gives them a chance to meet the dentist and start to get used to the office and the team members. Sometimes new places can make kids nervous and uncooperative, and that’s totally fine, we understand, that’s what we’re here for! Our team here Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry is full of kind, and extra patient team members and we will and take our time to help your child feel safe and comfortable.

First visits usually include a gentle yet thorough exam of teeth, jaw, bite, gums and oral tissues, a demonstration of proper home cleaning, fluoride treatment, and answering any questions you may have about your child’s oral health (We usually do not take x-rays on children under the age of 3.)

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Preventive Dentistry

Your children’s first dental experience is a crucial one because it shapes their attitude toward dental care in the future. That’s why at Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry we strive to make your child’s first interactions with dentistry positive experiences that will create a positive association with dental care later down the road.

What to eat

What your child eats and drinks makes a huge impact on their dental health.  Many of the foods that are easy snacks for kids are full of processed sugars and carbohydrates that aren’t good for the teeth.

EAT THIS: fruits and vegetables, cheese, nuts, and yogurt. 

NOT THAT: chips, crackers, cookies, and gummy fruit snacks

And have a designated time for eating rather than grazing all day long.

Limit sugary drinks. Bottles should only have water, breast milk, or formula.  Children should never be put to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup.

How to brush

Brush 2x day with a fluoride toothpaste and floss as soon as the contacts between the teeth are tight.

Studies show that kids don’t have the hand eye coordination to brush well on their own until they’re about 7-8 years old,  so parents should be helping to make sure teeth are brushed well. Babies who don’t have any teeth yet can have their gums wiped clean after feedings with a clean wet washcloth.

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Accidents happen.  Especially when you’re dealing with young kids who are still gaining coordination and agility. At Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry, we’re here to help alleviate some of  the unnecessary stress in the event of an accident.

Contact Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry as soon as you can in the event of a pediatric dental emergency. Our awesome dental team is devoted to the children of Medford and greater Jackson County area. If your child has a dental emergency, please call our Medford, Oregon office right away: 541-773-3327.

Knocked Out Tooth

If your child knocks out a PERMANENT tooth--try to save the tooth, rinse it off with water and then put the tooth in milk, saliva or saline; not water. Call our office, try not to touch the root of the tooth, and we’ll do all we can to try to save the tooth.

If your child knocks out a BABY tooth, call our office to see if an appointment is needed. The priority is to not damage the developing permanent tooth underneath. Rinse your child's mouth and bite on a cold washcloth.  And if there is a lot of bleeding, apply gentle pressure to stop the flow. If it’s possible, find the tooth, and get them excited for a visit from the Toothfairy!

Facial Swelling

If you notice facial swelling or a swollen cheek, please call our office immediately. However, if facial swelling approaches the eye or is causing your child to have trouble breathing, this is a medical emergency and you need to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room

Chipped or Broken Tooth

If a BABY tooth gets chipped or broken, give us a call, in many cases, Dr. Dixon can repair a chipped or broken baby tooth.  If it’s a PERMANENT tooth, try to find the pieces of the tooth, apply a cold compress to the area and call us to make an appointment.

Cut Lip, Tongue or Cheek

If your child falls or bumps their mouth, check the teeth to see if any are loose.  If there is bleeding, apply a cold compress.  Give the child motrin to help with inflammation and pain.  Give us a call to see if you need an appointment.

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Sedation Options

The dental practice of Dr. Dixon is highly trained in pediatric sedation dentistry. We use the highest quality, most modern treatments and safest dental sedatives on the market to ensure that our patients feel secure. 

Nitrous Oxide

Small procedures in cooperative or slightly nervous children can often be performed with local anesthesia (numbing) with nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide (a.k.a. “laughing gas”) is a very common form of sedation we routinely use in our office. This is given through a small breathing mask placed over the child’s nose while they watch a movie on a ceiling-mounted TV. At the end of the procedure, your child will breathe 100% oxygen for a few minutes which flushes the gas out of their system and allows them to feel normal when they leave. The AAPD recognizes this technique as a very safe, effective way to help a child relax during treatment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Slightly more involved procedures in certain children will require the use of an oral medication along with nitrous oxide to help relax your child and help them be more cooperative for the procedure. These procedures are scheduled at specific times, require your child to be fasting the morning of the appointment, and be free of respiratory problems for two weeks leading up to the visit. When possible, we also ask that two adults be present so one can sit in the back seat with your child on the drive home.

General Anesthesia

Some children require an extensive amount of dental work. In these situations, it is often not possible for a child to cooperate for multiple or lengthy appointments to allow the treatment to be done properly. In cases like this, we may recommend your child be treated in office with an anesthesiologist using deep sedation or general anesthesia.

We have partnered with a very knowledgeable and experienced board certified anesthesia group by the name of M2 anesthesia  M2 Anesthesia is dedicated to providing a safe anesthetic experience to each and every patient. They specialize in administering general anesthesia to kids for dental treatments on a daily basis and have become very safe and efficient because of it.  

Dr. Dixon will be happy to discuss any and all of these options with you should the need arise.

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