laura gutierrez

"My kids all love going to the dentist here. Dr. Dixon is warm and friendly and I completely trust his ability and judgement regarding my 4 kids teeth. I personally use fluoride, but if you don't, this office will not push it or shame you. The office is clean and nice and all the staff are incredibly friendly and professional."

Ashley Smith

Great with my kids, very gentle and nice. Highly recommend!

Anna R.

The office is so warm and welcoming as soon as you walk through the door. The staff is very comforting, I couldn't imagine taking my son anywhere else!

Norma Garay

They are awesome !Very patient w/ difficult children. Took my son to have some extra work our reg. Dentist recommended him. Wish I could keep taking my kids there but they are not PP providers W/ my insurance.

Erica Ambris

Amazing. While my older child was getting work done, they allowed my two year old to play in the lobby and offered to watch him. Both my kids loved being there. They did great work with my son. They have so much to offer children.

Jewels Duncan

Amazing dental experience for my 7 year old son. Highly recommend!

Get Out And Play

Amazing staff and wonderful first visit experience!

Lahna Graham

Great office and great team, kind and understanding and patient..... all things you should expect in a child specialist

Yolanda Gil

Staff is friendly, professional and very patient. They are awesome!

Megan S.

Took the kiddos to the dentist today, while we were there, I heard a boy who was a little upset. He was older (6ish?) and his parents had him go back by himself while they stayed with little brother. While he was upset, Doctor Dixon and his staff were nothing short of AMAZING with him. They were reassuring, kind and never once sounded annoyed or frustrated. This is the kind of treatment I would hope everyone receives wherever they take their kids, but I'm sure glad to know that my kid's dentist and his assistants are such kind and caring people. When the boy was done with his cleaning, Dr Dixon walked him out and gave him stickers, and tokens for being so brave. I love our dentist! Thank you, Bear Creek Pediatric Dentist!

Krista B.

My son has been coming before it was BCPD. But we love Dr.Dixon. The office staff and assistants are so kind and patient. I also love how Dr. Dixon is there for the kids at the end of major appointments. Not many Dr. walk their patients out, they have someone else do it. It helps parents get the questions answered plus I like to see how important my child is, not just another kid pushed through. I always send everyone I know with kids there way. Good experience to help children like the dentist as adults.

Jessica C.

My son absolutely loves DR Dixon and his staff. I was so worried because this was his first ever dentist appointment. But the whole experience from the moment we walked through the door all the way up to the exam went better than I could have ever imagined! The whole atmosphere is catered to kids and it makes the dentist experience appealing instead of intimidating for little ones! I am so pleased and impressed! I highly recommend them to anyone with kiddos.

Kirsten G.

I was a nervous wreck about taking my daughter to a dentist. First kid and all. The staff was fantastic from the start. Very friendly, explained everything to me nicely and so I could understand. Kids can watch Netflix while getting their teeth cleaned. Wish this was my dentist too!

Nicole K.

My kids & I love going to this dentist. The staff is so patient and kind to the kids and really helps them relax by talking to them the whole time. My extremely timid 4 year old jumped right up into the chair! The hardest part about the dentist now is getting my kids to leave the awesome waiting room!! I'm so glad we found you guys!!

Chassidy J.

We refer all of our pediatric patients here for their dental treatment. Today I brought my own 4 yr old in and he enjoyed every minute of it. So glad to experience the wonderful patient care for myself. Thank you Dr. Dixon and staff for all you do.
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