Medford’s Pediatric Emergency Dentist of Choice

Dental trauma is probably not something you’ve often considered when it comes to medical emergencies. However, problems with your children’s teeth can be just as problematic and damaging as other physical injuries. They require instant attention. Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry in Medford aids children with toothaches, practices emergency root canals and repairs cracked or missing teeth on short notice. If you have no insurance, Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry provides memberships for your dental emergency.

Our expert pediatric dentist, Dr. Dixon, can support your child in the case of the following dental emergencies:

Toothache Remedies:

Toothaches may seem harmless, but they may be signs of a real problem. The teeth can start to decay if you leave a bad toothache untreated. If your little one is feeling any pain or discomfort, contact Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry right away.

Breaks, Chips, or Cracks:

Accidents happen, but you should never disregard your child’s damaged, chipped or cracked tooth. After an injury, have your child rinse their mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to their face to alleviate discomfort and puffiness. Because Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry may be able to reattach any broken or chipped pieces during the appointment, simply bring the tooth to the dentist in a wet towel. Procrastinating speedy dental care can result in emergency root canals later.

Loosened or Avulsed Teeth:

When your child plays an intense sport it can often result in dental injuries. Sometimes it is possible to quickly re-attach the missing tooth until you can get to the dentist’s office. If that’s not possible, rinse the tooth under a faucet. Make sure your child does not rub the area, as that may cause root damage.

Contact Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry as soon as you can in the event of a pediatric dental emergency. Our emergency dental team is devoted to the children of Medford and greater Jackson County area. Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry is not open 24/7, but we will get you into our office as soon as possible.

See our office hours at the bottom of our page. You can call our Medford, Oregon office at 541-773-3327.

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