Preparing Your Child for a Trip to the Dentist

For young children, visiting the dentist can be a scary proposition. Their visit may include a new place, new people, loud noises, and foreign instruments. Here at Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry in Medford Oregon, we believe that a child’s visit should be anything but scary. We believe it can and should be fun!

Here are a few suggestions to help prepare a child for the dentist:

Take a fun trip to the dentist before the actual appointment

Call ahead and schedule a trial visit. This can be a great way for the child to familiarize themselves with the people, the place, and even some of the tools that will be used during their future appointments. Let them see the offices, waiting room, procedure rooms, and most importantly have them meet us – Dr. Dixon and the staff! We want to help make it a fun field-trip experience. A quick visit can help to create confidence and excitement for their next appointment.

Talk to your child about what is going to happen during their visit

Explain the procedures and why it is important to have dental hygiene. Sometimes children can hear false horror stories about dental appointments, so it is important to help them understand that visiting the dentist is a completely safe and regular part of life and that it can be a fun adventure!

Help them to be excited

You as a parent can set the example in your demeanor and attitude towards visiting the dentist. Children can pick up on even the smallest of hints. If your child sees your positive and excited attitude, they will most likely become just as excited as you are!

One can never predict exactly how a child will respond to a visit to the dentist, but following these simple guidelines should provide a basis for easing the overall process and making it a fun experience. Inform your child about what will happen during their visit, set the example by having a positive attitude, come visit us before your appointment, and most of all have fun! We can’t wait to help make your visit to Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry an adventure!

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