Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry’s Sedation Services

Some children undergo serious anxiety about going to the dentist. In these cases, dental sedation treatment from Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry is the best way to make sure patients feel safe, secure and relaxed. Anxiety is a normal reaction, but you shouldn’t jeopardize your child’s oral health by avoiding the dentist for too long.

The dental practice of Dr. Dixon is highly trained in pediatric sedation dentistry. We use the highest quality, most modern treatments and safest dental sedatives on the market to ensure that our patients feel secure. We guarantee that dental sedation at Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry will give your child the best, least troublesome experience.

What is Pediatric Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation is usually innocuous for children. These drugs decrease stress for any dental treatment by soothing the nerves, rather than triggering your child to fall asleep the way general anesthesia does. Our sedation dentist has multiple drugs on-hand to help your child rest easy and recover with a brilliant smile.

• Oral Sedatives: Comparable to muscle relaxers such as Valium, oral sedatives need an hour to take effect. Before your child’s appointment, they need to ingest the prescribed medication. By the time you arrive at Dr. Dixon’s office, they will feel drowsy and prepared for the dentist’s chair.

• Nitrous Oxide: Commonly known as "laughing gas," this sedative is given through a mask.

• Intravenous Sedation: This relaxer is the most useful and fast-acting option we offer. Our sedation dentists can monitor the amount of sedative given to a patient through an IV. If the dentist scares you more than needles and your child needs to experience a long or difficult procedure, this is the best route.

No matter which pediatric sedation medication you pick, each will come with side effects to be aware of. Side effects of sedation often include vomiting or nausea. We will always make sure that your child is healthy and able to receive sedation before administering any treatment.

Talk to Us about Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

We’d love to tell you more about our sedation options and how they can take away your child’s fears of going to the dentist. Our clinic gladly serves Medford and the surrounding area. For queries about cost, techniques, dangers or side effects of sedation dentistry, call Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry at 541-773-3327.

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