Natural Teething Remedies to Soothe Your Baby

Teething is a painful milestone that every baby will go through. While dealing with a fussy, cranky baby can put you at your wit’s end, there are ways you can help your little one get through this experience. The following remedies are natural ways that effectively provide much needed relief to teething babies.


Applying something cold to numb the gums is effective and soothing for teething pain. You can do this by using a partially wet, clean cloth and letting your baby chew on it to reduce swelling. Many children experience a lack of appetite when teething, so it might help to give them soft, cool foods like applesauce or yogurt. You can also give your baby an ice cube in a securely tied muslin bag, or place partially frozen fruit into a silicone baby feeder to give them something cold to chew on.

Apply Pressure

Babies start to chew on everything when they are teething, because the counter-pressure soothes the pain. There is a wide selection of colorful, soft silicone teething toys, but there are also other options available:

  • Use your own clean hand if you can stand the gnawing. However, don’t do this if your little one already has teeth!
  • Make your own teething ring with a wooden ring wrapped in organic cotton. Loop the fabric through the ring, fold the strip in half and tie two or three overhand knots so it leaves little tails.
  • Purchase natural rubber teething toys, made with organic rubber and food grade paint that is safe for teething.


Chamomile is a naturally calming herb that relaxes nerves and soothes pain. You can make a weak tea and freeze in ice cube trays for your baby to gnaw on. It’s also easy to make chamomile tincture (infusion) at home. Place one or two drops on your finger and rub it into your baby’s gums to soothe teething pain.

Amber Teething Necklace

Amber necklaces have become popular options for teething relief. It’s theorized that the warmth of the baby’s body releases succinic acid in Baltic amber. This acid can have analgesic properties which relieve pain in the body. Place this necklace around your baby’s neck during the day, but always make sure it is removed for sleeping.

Use Topical Pain Relief

Homeopathic remedies like Hyland’s Teething Tablets can give relief from sore gums. They are available in most stores and are made with safe, natural active ingredients. For children older than age two, use essential clove oil, as it has a numbing effect on the gums.

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