Healthy Diet and Good Dental Health

In the world of dental healthcare it is important to always take care of your teeth with specific routines everyday from brushing to flossing to using the correct amount of fluoride toothpaste. But how does diet play a role in your children’s dental health? When it comes to snacking there are so many things that are easy grab and go for convenience, but aren’t super healthy for children’s teeth and diet.There a few options in snacks that are loaded with sugar, bad for your teeth, and overall should be avoided.
CANDY: an empty calorie snack loaded with sugar and can often be sticky can allow sugar to stay on the teeth promoting cavities and decay.

DRIED FRUIT: While fruit can be a great source of many different vitamins and nutrients, when dried out it can be super sticky that can harm teeth when chewing on it.

ICE: While ice is just water it is hard on teeth and can cause damage to enamel and even break teeth sometimes.

POTATO CHIPS: These crispy starchy snacks can get stuck in your teeth and cause sugar to stay and promote decay.

SODA/JUICE: These sugar packed drinks allow sugar to stay on the teeth for a while in between brushes and are cavities best friend. Stick to milk or water for a drink.

Foods that you should use for snacks that promote healthy teeth and enamel boosting snacks and drinks that are great for the health of your teeth are water, dairy products like low-fat yogurt cheese that are full of calcium to help teeth be strong. Fruits and veggies are great because they are full of fiber and water that helps clean your teeth and promotes the production of saliva.
If you have any questions about healthy snacking or what food are bad for your children’s teeth come visit our office in Medford, Oregon.

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