Children’s Books for Healthy Teeth

Here are some books that will help your child learn about the importance of keeping their teeth healthy as well as making it fun.

Melvin the Magnificent Molar
This book is from the perspective of a tooth, Melvin. He teaches children how to brush and have healthy teeth.

Pony Brushes His Teeth
Pony learns how to brush and take care of his teeth by watching his dad do it.

The Tooth Book by Dr. Suess
This classic is about who has teeth and who does not as well as how to ensure that we keep the teeth that we have.

Have You Ever Seen a Moose Brushing His Teeth
This fun loving moose learns how to brush and take care of his teeth.

Brush Your Teeth Please
This one is a pop up book. It’s filled with different animals and teaches the importance of brushing your teeth in a fun way.

Behold, No Cavities!-Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob is excited to visit the dentist again and have his name put up on the wall for not having any cavities. But he also learns that his friend Patrick has never brushed his teeth!

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist
Brother Bear and Sister Bear visit the dentist to have a cavity filled and a baby tooth removed.

Just Going to the Dentist-Little Critter
When Little Critter goes to the dentist, he learns that he must have a cavity filled. Although he is nervous, he is brave and the visit is painless.

Arthur’s Tooth
When Arthur gets a loose tooth, everyone has an idea how to get it out. But it just won’t come out!

Bear’s Loose Tooth
Bear and his friends are eating lunch when he feels something wiggling. At first, Bear is scared about his first loose tooth, but then his friends help reassure him that it is completely normal.

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