5 Things That Make a Great Pediatric Dentist

What Your Children Need In Their Dentist

1. Environment Suited for Children

Not all dentists have the right environment for children. I remember as a child going to the dentist and being so scared of what the secretary was going to say to me (usually I got in trouble for “causing ruckus” in the office). However, as a family focused dentist office in Medford Oregon this is no problem. We thrive on having children play in the playhouse and enjoy the video games which creates to a positive dental experience.

2. Helps Children Develop Good Habits

Because of the focus that we have on children we know how to talk to children about brushing their teeth and that will help them brush their teeth more, not less. Now wouldn’t that be nice? A dentist who can help your children brush their teeth more!

3. Works with Each Child Individually

At Bear Creek we know that each child is unique. There are children who love to talk about sports, and others who love to read. While this may sound like a small thing, being able to work and connect with each child on an individual basis makes them feel much more comfortable about their trip to dentist and not to be as stressed during the appointment. Dr. Dixon’s specialty in making the children feel comfortable is what makes him a quality pediatric dentist in Medford Oregon.

4. Patience

Sometimes the appointment is going to be stressful, the children may scream, and things might not go quite as planned. However, it is the ability of a great pediatric dentist to remain calm and patient to help the child calm down.

5. Child Sized Equipment

My first trip to my new dentist at the age of 6 was not a good one. I remember laying in the chair that was three times to big for me! Then having x-ray film put in my mouth that was so big it made my mouth bleed! Needless to say, I did not enjoy going to that dentist. But, those problems could have been fixed had he been a pediatric dentist. A pediatric focused dentist uses equipment appropriately sized for children, and tailors his or her practice specifically to make children feel comfortable.

We hope that you choose Bear Creek for your pediatric dental needs. We’ll strive to maintain these important characteristics and make your child’s visit to the dentist an enjoyable one!

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