Ways To Keep Busy & Happy This Summer

Ways Top Keep The Kids Happy & Energetic!

With school coming to close in a few weeks, we know what’s coming. There may be children with high levels of energy at the house, all day, every day for up to 3 months. Because we are the pediatric dentist in Medford Oregon we want to help your children (and you) to have an enjoyable summer. Here are some things that you can have your children do to stay busy and happy.

1. Summer Camps

Although summer camps have gained a cliche reputation as something for children to do in the summer, that doesn’t mean that the idea isn’t fantastic. Talk with your child about which summer camps he/she would want to do this summer (use this page to see the camps available) and sign them up. It will provide a way for them to learn new things, get out of the house, and make a few good memories! The good news is that there are plenty of choices between summer camps, so you will be able to pick and choose the camp that suits you and your children.

2. Swimming Lessons

A staple for providing something for children to do is swimming lessons. A valuable skill, and something that really does provide the feel of summer, swimming lessons should be a go-to. With quite a few places to get lessons for your child, there is no reason not to get involved in local swimming lessons this summer.

3. Start a weekly family hike

Medford Oregon is a beautiful location, and there are wonderful places to go on hikes all around us. Get your family to go on short Saturday morning hikes as a summer tradition for this year and you will find your family having a memorable time. For a few hikes to get you started, check out the Natural Bridge Loop, Upper and Lower Table Rock, and Castle Creek Wildflower Trail. See you on the trails!

While these are just a few ideas to get you thinking, and to start making plans for the upcoming summer, there is no reason not to make this summer enjoyable and full of fun for your family. Also as your family friendly dentist in Medford Oregon, we would advise you to send your children in for the checkups this summer if you haven’t already! Call us to make an appointment!

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